A History of the Food of Paris
From Roast Mammoth
to Steak Frites

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Paris has played a unique role in world gastronomy, influencing cooks and gourmets across the world. It has served as a focal point not only for its own cuisine, but for regional specialties from across France. For tourists, its food remains one of the great attractions of the city itself. Yet the history of this food remains largely unknown, and those who know it at all often know a piece of it - medieval food, royal food, the food of the great restaurants, and more. A History of the Food of Paris brings together archaeology, historical records, memoirs, statutes, literature, guidebooks, news items, and other sources to paint a sweeping portrait of the city's food from the Neanderthals to today's bistros and food trucks. The colorful history of the city's markets, its restaurants and their predecessors, of immigrant food, even of its various drinks appears here in all its often surprising variety, revealing new sides of this endlessly fascinating city.

This site expands on the published book and the subject of Paris food history.

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